Are You OK?

According to Sheriff Kevin McConville, “one of our greatest responsibilities in serving the people of Putnam is to ensure the security and safety of every citizen. That is why we provide “Are You OK?” to our senior citizens and to people with disabilities in Putnam County. This system is designed to help our seniors and disabled citizens live their lives as they wish; safely and independently.”

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to offer this service for senior citizens, disabled persons, shut-ins who live alone, or anyone in Putnam County who needs to be checked upon. The “Are You OK?” program is a telephone calling system operated by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office. A computer system, or a member of the Sheriff’s Office, calls each enrolled subscriber every day of the year at the same time of day. When the subscriber picks up the phone, they will hear a voice say, “Good morning, are you OK?” If the subscriber fails to answer the telephone after several attempts, or if there is a constant busy signal, a Sheriff’s patrol car will be dispatched to the residence to check on the person’s welfare.

During holidays, vacations, or any other time the subscriber plans to be away, a simple call to the Sheriff’s Office will stop the calls for as long as needed.

The “Are You OK?” calls will be made either once or twice a day, at times selected by the subscriber. The calls will be made in the same order, so people will quickly learn exactly when to expect them.

Everyone interested in participating in this program is asked to complete a short confidential application form containing vital information.

If you wish to take part in the “Are You OK?” program, or if you think you might be interested and would like to talk with someone, call Sergeant William Rossiter at the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office at (845) 225-4300 x42209 Monday thru Friday between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

“Are You OK?” is a public service provided by Sheriff McConville. There is NO CHARGE to participate in this valuable service.