Sheriffs of Putnam County

1812-1812William H. Johnston
1813-1814Peter Crosby
1815-1818Peter Warren
1819-1820Edward Buckbee
1821-1821Joseph Cole
1822-1823Edward Buckbee
1823-1825Edward Buckbee
1826-1828Thomas W. Taylor
1829-1831Joseph Cole II
1832-1834Nathaniel Cole
1835-1837Thomas W. Taylor
1838-1840George W. Travis
1841-1843William W. Taylor - Son of Thomas W. Taylor
1844-1846James Smith
1847-1849William W. Taylor
1849-1850Sheriff Taylor died in office in March of 1849, Joseph E.M. Hobby was appointed to finish the term.
1850-1852James J. Smalley
1853-1855Harvey Mead
1856-1858Charles T. Brewster
1859-1861Daniel B. Lockwood
1862-1864Charles T. Brewster
1865-1867John J. Smalley - Son of Sheriff James J. Smalley
1868-1870John Butler
1871-1873Richard R. Horton
1874-1876James O. Cole - Son of Sheriff Nathaniel Cole and the nephew of Sheriff Joseph Cole
1877-1879Edmund Doane
1180–1882James O. Cole
1883-1883James J. Dakin
1884-1886Jeremiah W. Hazen
1887-1888James O. Cole
1888-1889Sheriff Cole died in office in May of 1888, Lewis E. Cole was appointed to finish the term.
1889-1891William E. Nelson
1891-1892Sheriff Nelson died in office in February of 1891, James E. Warner was appointed to finish the term.
1892-1894Reuben R. Barrett
1895-1897Jeremiah W. Hazen
1898-1900John P. Donohoe
1901-1903Jeremiah W. Hazen
1904-1906Leonard Jaycox
1907-1909Joseph Barry
1910-1912Charles E. Nichols
1913-1915Herbert Winship
1916-1918Charles E. Nichols
1919-1921Henry B. Stephens
1922-1924Wallace Secord
1925-1927Henry B. Stephens
1928-1930Wallace Secord
1931-1933Arthur L. Newcomb
1934-1936Leander Currey
1937-1939Allen G. N. Gilbert
1940-1942Percy L. Barker
1943-1945Allen G. N. Gilbert
1946-1948B. Scofield Palmer
1948-1966Frank Lyden
1967-1985Raynor Weizenecker
1985-1986George A. Grenier
1986-2001Robert D. Thoubboron
2002-2017Donald B. Smith
2018-2021Robert L. Langley Jr.
CurrentKevin McConville