Sheriff Robert L. Langley Jr.

Sheriff Robert L. Langley, Jr.Robert L. Langley Jr.
Putnam County Sheriff

Robert L. Langley, Jr, the 55th Putnam County Sheriff, is committed to Putnam County and has built his life around public service. He was raised in Carmel and graduated from the Mahopac Central School District. He makes his home on a small farm in Garrison with his wife, Lydia JA Langley, and is the founder and president of a private security company serving commercial and residential clients.

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K9 Char
A perfect pawtrait for a hot day! Don’t let the cute ears fool you. Accelerant detector K9 Char is the consummate professional on the scene with a nose that knows… But he sure is cute too! (Photo provided by his handler Sgt Scott Lombardo). #putnamsheriffny #putnamcountyny #k9friday #policedog #workingdog #putnamsafeputnamstrong
Captain Butler
For this week’s #throwbackthursday photo, we feature Captain Gerald P. Butler, PC-21, a gentle giant. Prior to beginning his career with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department, Gerry Butler was a member of the Village of Brewster Police Department. As a Deputy Sheriff assigned to the Road Patrol Division, Butler was one of the charter members of our S.W.A.T. Team, a unit we now refer to as the Emergency Response Team ( E.R.T.). Deputy Butler’s interest gravitated towards the County Jail duties and, as a result, Sheriff Weizenecker chose him to replace Sgt. William Clinton as the jail supervisor upon Clinton’s retirement. At that time, Butler held the title of Jail Warden, a title which was later changed to Captain. Everyone who had the pleasure of working with or knowing Gerry Butler will tell you that he was a great bowler, a great golfer, a great person and the type of person that would do anything to help anyone. Gerry was taken too soon and will always be missed. His memory may always be a blessing. Photo ca. 2001. #putnamsheriffny #putnamcountyny #putnamhistory
Old car
Old police cars are always a fan favorite and this week’s #throwbackthursday offers a classic 70s cruiser that embodies all the characteristics of a vintage Department ride for which we all get nostalgic. The paint job! The old sirens and lights! Along with this #plymouthgranfury are Captain Lawrence M. Connolly, (left) Deputy Roger Preble, (center) and Sheriff Raynor Weizenecker, (right) ca. 1977. #putnamsheriffny #putnamcountyny #putnamhistory #thosewerethedays
Cold Spring
Wonderful evening and photo of Deputy Hill, K9 Flash and on the bicycles are Bryan Suppa and Tommy Varbero and Sheriff Langley. Thanks to the Cold Spring Lions Club for the photo! #putnamsheriffny #putnamcountyny #coldspringNY #bicyclepatrol #sheriffK9 #july4 #community #lionsclub
Hot Flash
Aw Flash, it IS hot! You are such a good sport! #putnamsheriffny #k9flash #putnamcountyny #americanbloodhound #policedog #coldspringNY #july4thum7th #

Heat Wave Information

heat wavePhoto courtesy of Kieran O’Hagan

Folks, no matter if you are a fan of summer this weekend a heat wave is coming and one needs to be prepared. We are sharing this from @putnam_county_b.e.s_ “Heat Wave in Putnam County Predicted for Weekend.

BREWSTER, NY— Summer is officially here and with it comes the possibility of soaring temperatures and high humidity. Staying cool and hydrated is the key to staying healthy and safe in a heat wave. A heat-related illness can affect anyone–even those who are young and physically fit, but those at highest risk are infants, young children and the elderly. During hot weather, especially when it lasts a few days or longer, outdoor activities are best done in the early morning or evening hours when it is coolest.

“Residents should be careful during any hot weather days. Watch out for your family. friends and neighbors, especially the elderly,” says County Executive MaryEllen Odell. “During extreme heat events, we have cooling centers opened during the day for our residents.”

“A list of Putnam cooling center locations is posted online, along with the phone numbers you can call to check their hours of operation, “says Ken Clair, Commissioner of Emergency Services. The list is available at the NYS Department of Health website at

Heat stroke, which is also sometimes called sun stroke, is the most dangerous type of heat-related illness. “Heat stroke actually causes several thousand deaths each year in the United States,” says Michael Nesheiwat, M.D., Commissioner of Health. “When a person’s body temperature goes over 103 degrees Fahrenheit, all sorts of very serious problems can occur, including damage to your brain, heart, kidneys and muscles. If you suspect someone has heat stroke, call 911 immediately. The longer treatment is delayed the higher the risk of serious complications or death. Before help arrives, move the person to a cooler location, out of the sun or into air conditioning, and lower the person’s temperature with cool cloths or a cool bath.”

Heat exhaustion, although less severe than heat stroke, is another heat-related problem. Signs of this include cold, pale, clammy skin, dizziness, fainting, nausea, muscle cramps or headache. “If you experience these symptoms, move to a cooler location and apply cool water to lower your temperature. With heat exhaustion, drink sips of water every 15 minutes for one hour,” Dr. Nesheiwat advises.

Heat cramps or painful spasms in the legs and abdomen can also occur, but are less severe. If a person is on a low-sodium diet or has heart problems, seek medical attention right away. Otherwise, drink sips of water every 15 minutes for one hour. If cramps don’t go away within one hour, seek medical care.

Take the following precautions to avoid problems in hot weather. Drink plenty of fluids and don’t wait to be thirsty to drink. Water is best because it replenishes your body’s natural fluids. Alcohol and very sugary drinks should be avoided because they dehydrate the body. Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing and use a sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher. Apply it 30 minutes before going out because a sunburn will affect the body’s ability to cool down. Stay indoors in a cool or air-conditioned place as much as possible. Never leave a person or pet in a parked vehicle, even if the windows are open or you think it may be only for a few minutes.

For more information on heat-related illness during prolonged periods of extreme temperatures, call the Putnam County Department of Health at (845) 808-1390.

cooling centers

#putnamsheriffNY #putnamcountyNY #heatwave #summer2019 #staysafeoutthere

Cadet Training

PCSO cadet enjoying her first shooting experience @cadetpoliceacademy Have a teenager that may be interested in a law enforcement career? She or he can get her or his feet wet in our highly regarded cadets program. Contact @pcsocadets for more info. #putnamsheriffny #putnamcounty #youth #putnamsafeputnamstrong #pcsocadets

Cadet Training
Cadet Training
Cadet Training

Sheriff’s Deputies and Other Agencies Save Man From Jumping Off the Bear Mountain Bridge

Putnam County Sheriff Robert L. Langley, Jr. reports that sheriff’s deputies, along with members of other emergency service agencies, saved a man from jumping off the Bear Mountain Bridge.

Civil War Veterans Monument Dedicated in Putnam Veterans Memorial Park

civil war

Today Sheriff Langley attended the Dedication of the Civil War Veterans Monument at the Veterans Memorial Park in Kent.

When Carmel’s Tyler Dicembrino learned there was no public recognition of Putnam County residents who served in the Civil War, he went into action to see that this oversight was remedied. He raised the monies needed, close to $800, and received permission to have a monument made in their honor. Today was the realization of his dream. What an admirable accomplishment for Tyler at just 18 years old.

We are so fortunate to have a new generation of young people who are interested in our County’s history and bring honor to those who fought so valiantly for us to live our lives today in Putnam County.

Great work Tyler!

#putnamsheriffNY #putnamcountyNY #putnamhistoryNY #civilwar

Free Rabies Vaccination


TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY! Attention Putnam Residents! Bring your dogs, cats, and ferrets to a FREE rabies vaccination clinic on Saturday, July 27 from 10 am-12pm. Sponsored by the Putnam County Department of Health, the clinic is being held at Hubbard Lodge, 2880 Route 9, Cold Spring and is open to all Putnam County residents.

Please bring photo ID as proof of Putnam County residency, as well as proof of prior rabies vaccination. Tags are not acceptable. If you do not have proof of prior rabies vaccination, your pet will receive a one-year rabies vaccine. All dogs must be leashed and controlled. Any dog that may become aggressive must be muzzled. Cats and ferrets must be in carriers. For more information and directions, please call the Putnam County Department of Health at (845) 808-1390 ext. 43160. #putnamsheriffny #putnamcountyny #rabies #philipstownny

Putnam County Sheriff Robert L. Langley Reports Recent Arrests In The Town of Southeast

On 07/08/2019 at approximately 1:49 p.m., Deputy Brian Sacher was dispatched to Kohl’s Department Store in the Town of Southeast for a report of a disorderly subject. Upon arrival, Deputy Sacher located the suspect, 28 year old Kasey C. Battaglia, of Newburgh, in the Eveready diner parking lot. A Kohl’s representative advised Deputy Sacher that Battaglia had stolen a purse from the store, but dropped it and ran when the loss prevention alarms sounded. The Kohl’s representative wished to press charges.

Fishkill Residents Arrested for Larcenies from Cars

Putnam County Sheriff, Robert L. Langley, Jr. reports the arrest of two women for a string of larcenies in the Towns of Philipstown, Putnam Valley and Kent.

Coffee With a Cop July 20th


Animal Cruelty Information Sought

Please, if you know anything or saw anything, please come forward. This heinous act has permanently maimed this innocent animal. All tips and information will be kept confidential. You can even anonymously submit a tip via the Sheriff App. (It is free and available in both Apple and android formats at no cost in their shop.) #putnamsheriffny #putnamcountyny #animalcruelty #spcapolice #dotherightthing


tbt - Sheriff Lyden


In the spirit of the Fourth of July, we dedicate this week’s #throwbackthursday to late Sheriff Frank Lyden who was sheriff from 1948-1966. In this photo he is examining some blasting caps which are used to detonate TNT. Dynamite! Happy July 4th! #putnamsheriffny #putnamcountyny #putnamhistory


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