CRASE Trainibg

CRASE Training

Sheriff's Department members Sergeant Matthew Kraisky and Deputy Alfred Pizzuto presented the ‘CRASE’ (Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events) to our partners in the Neighborhood Watch. These incidents are ah unfortunate reality, and the training offers techniques on preparing and protecting yourself, loved ones, co-workers, etc. If your organization would like to schedule a presentation, please call the Sheriff’s Office at (845) 225-4300.

Sheriff’s Office Business Site Assessments

In the wake of recent events involving the tragic shooting in Buffalo of shoppers at a supermarket, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office reminds county residents and businesses that we provide active shooter training at no cost for hospitals, schools, houses of worship, and businesses.

The Sheriff’s Office will perform a site assessment regarding the physical security of the establishment and provide suggestions and recommendations to enhance existing measures, and will also provide training focusing on managerial concerns and issues, as well as focused preparation and response training for the workforce.

“We urge everyone, including business organizations, to take advantage of this free service to address security concerns and support your establishment in developing reliable plans to address be utilized “emergency situations,” said Sheriff Kevin McConville. “Advance Planning and preparation will likely prepare your staff to respond in the best possible manner and hopefully reduce the potential negative impacts that may otherwise accompany the event.”

For more information or to schedule your organization’s training session, contact Undersheriff Thomas Lindert.
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Sheriff’s Office Business Alert System

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Department will be implementing an alert notification system for county businesses. Enrollment is completely voluntary in the program. To Enroll all that is required is to follow the sign up procedures below. No further action is required after signup. The notifications can be received via email or cell phone depending on how you choose to receive them. Please be sure if using an email it is an account that is checked frequently.

The purpose of these alerts will be to provide notification/communication to local businesses of incidents including but not limited to: emerging and patterned criminal activity, street closures, weather events, etc. The alert system can also provide immediate notification of emergency situations to businesses as well.
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Sheriff Kevin McConville

Sheriff Kevin J. McConville

Kevin’s background includes thirty (30) years of service with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police Department.

  • Chief of the Department, becoming the first member from the Agency appointed Chief.
  • First Deputy Chief of the Department
  • Captain of the District 6 Command in the Bronx, NY,
  • Captain on the Department Manual Development Team,
  • Sergeant, Lieutenant, Detective, and in various units as Executive Officer

During his tenure as Chief, Kevin created the Interagency Counter Terrorism Team to address Terrorism, worked with the FBI and members of the Joint Terrorist Task Force (JTTF) to ensure commuters were safe, created a fifty team Canine (K9) Unit.

Kevin was in NYC and experienced firsthand the World Trade Center tragedy on September 11, 2001, assisting in the MTAPD response to the terrorist acts and developing strategies and deployment plans to maintain safety and security for the commuting public.

Served as Chief during the London and Madrid bombings on a commuter transport system, implementing plans and responses in incident reduction and management.

Served as a member of the Governor’s Homeland Security Team.

Kevin is a published author in the Transit Magazine.

Education and Training:

McConville has his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Marist College, and currently serves as a consultant to the Criminal Justice Curriculum Advisory Board.  McConville has attended numerous DCJS sponsored Executive Training Seminars, and the NYSP Williams Homicide Seminar.

Awards & Affiliations:

McConville is a lifelong member of the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police, the NYS Fraternal Order of Police, Stephen P. Driscoll Lodge #704, and the Hudson Valley 10-13 Association, Knights of Columbus Council 36318 and the Brewster Elks Lodge # 2101.


 Kevin is a lifelong resident of Putnam County, married to his wife Janice and has three children, and are also grandparents.

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Undersheriff Thomas H. Lindert

Thomas H. Lindert, a 35-year veteran of law enforcement. Undersheriff Lindert is a lifelong resident of Putnam County. Undersheriff Lindert served in the U.S. Army. Undersheriff Lindert began his career with the Village of Cold Spring Police Department in 1984, then was hired by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office in 1985 and assigned to the Narcotics Task Force. In 1991 Lindert was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and subsequently rose to serve as the First Sergeant. In 2003 Lindert was promoted to the rank of Senior Investigator, and again in 2004 he was promoted to the rank of Captain in charge of the Road Patrol Division, until his retirement in 2007. Undersheriff Lindert was employed by the Town of Fishkill Police Department as the Patrol Lieutenant and Executive Officer, where he served until retiring in January 2019. Undersheriff Lindert is a graduate of the FBI National Academy. Lindert, and his wife Debbie, are lifelong residents of Putnam County, along with his two children and five grandchildren.
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Undersheriff Thomas Lindert

Command Staff

The Command Staff compiled under Sheriff Kevin McConville has experience and expertise in the following areas:


  • Staffing and personnel deployment using an analytical basis,
  • Managing and accountability with department budgets,
  • Patrol and investigative matters,
  • Overseeing human resources (e.g., scheduling, complaints, discipline)
  • Department hiring: / outreach for candidates, background investigations and hiring recommendations,
  • Managed initiatives, training and implemented creative programs to enhance standards set for the division personnel including community policing unit and Accreditation,
  • Purchasing (including fleet purchasing and management of Fleet Operations)
  • Policy / Procedure development, implementation, and compliance.
  • Liaison with public utilities during major events (storms, planned and unusual events) to ensure proper emergency management and response, AND
  • Ensuring open police and community relations to identify, implement strategies and maintain communications with community organizations to resolve resident and business owner issues and concerns.
  • Establishing training to ensure division compliance on standards set for personnel and an interactive community policing posture.
  • Police reform processes, which include a review of procedures / policies for compliance with focus group suggestions. Implement Bail Reform and Discovery Law Mandates.
  • Experience in problem-oriented policing and creating partnerships to build relationships with all involved and to identify and create solutions.

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