• A professional law enforcement agency that operates with integrity and on a strong foundation of principles to keep Putnam County one of the safest counties in America.
  • A leader in the field of law enforcement, innovative leadership and management, and training, while forging alliances in regional, state, and national professional law enforcement associations.
  • A learning organization that continuously reviews its procedures, operations, and policies with the focus on its mission, values, principles, and vision in serving the people of Putnam County.
  • A law enforcement agency that provides leadership in bringing all law enforcement together in Putnam County to work as a team with the shared purpose of keeping Putnam County safe.
  • A department that is fully integrated into the Putnam County government team, working in partnership with other departments, municipal governments, school districts, community organizations, and news media.
  • An organization that epitomizes “servant leadership” and treats all people with dignity and respect.
  • An organization that strives to foster citizen respect for the rule of law ñ not fear of heavy-handed or unfair enforcement.
  • An organization that is continuously conducting contingency planning to prepare for future law enforcement needs, natural disasters, and homeland security emergencies.
  • A law enforcement agency that is a leader in educating citizens and nurturing public awareness, promoting safety, crime prevention, and the building of stronger communities.
  • A law enforcement agency built on integrity, trust, mutual respect, and family values.









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