Sheriff's Command Staff

The Command Staff compiled under Sheriff Kevin McConville has experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • Staffing and personnel deployment using an analytical basis,
    • Managing and accountability with department budgets,
    • Patrol and investigative matters,
    • Overseeing human resources (e.g., scheduling, complaints, discipline)
    • Department hiring: / outreach for candidates, background investigations and hiring recommendations,
    • Managed initiatives, training and implemented creative programs to enhance standards set for the division personnel including community policing unit and Accreditation,
    • Purchasing (including fleet purchasing and management of Fleet Operations)
    • Policy / Procedure development, implementation, and compliance.
    • Liaison with public utilities during major events (storms, planned and unusual events) to ensure proper emergency management and response, AND
    • Ensuring open police and community relations to identify, implement strategies and maintain communications with community organizations to resolve resident and business owner issues and concerns. 
    • Establishing training to ensure division compliance on standards set for personnel and an interactive community policing posture. 
    • Police reform processes, which include a review of procedures / policies for compliance with focus group suggestions.  Implement Bail Reform and Discovery Law Mandates.
    • Experience in problem-oriented policing and creating partnerships to build relationships with all involved and to identify and create solutions.