Requirements For Upgrade To Full Carry

Effective August 6, 2012

  1. Send your written request to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department, Three County Center, Carmel, N.Y. 10512, Attention: Pistol Permits. Your letter must be signed and dated and must include your address and phone number. You must submit the following paperwork with your letter:
    1. Copy of your pistol permit (front and back).
    2. Proof of live fire instruction. Must be within six months of your request for an upgrade. The certificate must indicate live fire and the date of instruction. (Please note: The Putnam County Sheriff’s Department does not offer live fire instruction and does not make referrals.)
    3. Proof of ownership of a safe. The safe must be bolted to the floor or a wall and must have a combination lock or padlock. Send a copy of the bill of sale for the safe and a picture of the ‘secured’ safe. You must also include a detailed description of the safe’s location in the residence (i. e., the safe is bolted to the floor of the closet in the master bedroom; the safe is bolted to the wall in my home office). The safe may be subject to inspection by the Sheriff’s Department.
  2. Requests that are complete will be forwarded to the court and the court will advise you in writing of the day and time of your pistol permit hearing.
  3. Requests that are incomplete will be returned.
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