Traffic Safety Board Meets With Haldane School District

The final stop on our Putnam County Traffic Safety Board visits with our School District’s Bus Orientation Days was at the Haldane School District today. Sheriff Langley, with Ron Cummings, Peter Dandreano and Judie Mirra assured the bus drivers that the Traffic Safety Board will be working closely with all of the School Districts to ensure the safety of all of our children.

The Putnam County Traffic Safety Board wishes to thank all of the County’s Transportation Supervisors for scheduling time during their orientation for us to speak. Have a great, safe year! (Post courtesy of the Putnam County Traffic Safety Board) #putnamsheriffny #putnamcountyny #coldspringNY #philipstownNY #haldanecentralschooldistrict #putnamsafeputnamstrong #backtoschool #schoolsafety #putnamcountytrafficsafetyboard

Article | by Dr. Radut