The Passing of Amanda Tunney

Amanda Tunney and famiky

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Department Police Benevolent Association is devastated by the sudden loss of police spouse Amanda Geaney-Tunney. We are asking our local community members, inside and outside of the police circle, to assist The Geaney-Tunney Family during their most difficult time.

On the 7th day of June 2022, the life of Investigator Matthew Tunney, and his two children, Hailey (11 years old) and Charlotte (9 years old) took a devastating, unforeseen turn due to the sudden and tragic passing of a devoted police spouse and supermom Amanda Geaney-Tunney.

Amanda was an absolutely amazing person. A young, vibrant mother who devoted every waking moment of her life to her two girls and their father, Matthew. She knew full well what it took and meant to be a Police Spouse, was proud of it, and took full responsibility for all that came along with it.

Matthew Tunney, a tenured, respected, Investigator of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department, has worked his way through the ranks with the support of Amanda. Her resilient attitude throughout the years has allowed Matt to always be available for any of his co-workers or victims' needs. She recognized that his job as a police officer meant putting others’ needs ahead of his, and she adapted to this role with honor, allowing his personality and investigative prowess to shine through so that he, and together as a family, could help the community as a whole.

The Geaney-Tunney family is well-rooted in the quaint township of Pawling, New York. Amanda was a pillar of her community. A strong advocate and supporter of her girls, while providing both her family with consistent encouragement and strength.

Whether at her children's school, running errands, picking up the girls from Scouts, or dropping off the girls for a play date, Amanda was happy, bubbly, smiling, and laughing. She was sharp and witty. We would all do well to be more like Amanda.

She was truly beautiful both inside and out. A ray of sunshine. always.

Her memory is a blessing, now living on through Hailey, Charlotte, and Matt.

Please contribute whatever you are able to help support Matt, Hailey, and Charlotte now and for the years to come.