Sheriff's Cadets Gain Valuable Experience


While most young people her age are seeking shelter from the heat this summer, Putnam County Sheriff’s Cadet Veronika Bilinski and many other cadets are pursuing their interest in the field of Law Enforcement. Veronika is a June 2019 graduate of the Cadet Police Training Academy and the training does not stop there. It is a continuous process. They attend a Cadet Police Academy in Massachusetts which includes firearm safety, vehicle and traffic stops, investigation techniques, arrest procedures and more. As part of the Sheriff’s Cadet Ride-along Program, Veronica is shown here receiving instruction from Deputy Sheriff Matthew Kraisky. The Putnam County Sheriff’s Cadet Program, started by late Sheriff Raynor Weizenecker, under the direction of Deputy Charles J. Moore, has been in existence for over fifty years. Many program participants have gone on to have successful careers in Law Enforcement on a Federal, State and Local level. The Sheriff’s Cadets of today are your Law Enforcement Officers of tomorrow. We here at the Sheriff’s Department are proud of the dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism demonstrated by these fine young men and women. We wish them continued success as they progress along a long difficult road to becoming a member of the greatest and most rewarding profession on Earth. #putnamsheriffny #putnamcountyny #pcsocadets #putnamsfuture #LEOsoftomorrow @pcsocadets

Article | by Dr. Radut