Sheriff Reports Power Company Scam

Sheriff Kevin J. McConville advises residents of recent reports of a phone call scam. County residents are receiving automated phone calls from New York State Gas and Electric or Central Hudson, claiming they will shut off power in thirty minutes due to an unpaid balance. The message directs intended victims to call a number to speak to a representative.

These calls are a scam. NYSEG and Central Hudson would never shut off power via an automated call, and state regulations prohibit such actions. Instead, they will contact you by mail and attempt to work out a payment schedule before shutting off power. The power companies currently do not accept Venmo, Cashapp, or Zelle for payments. They will also never ask for payment via gift cards, nor will they ask you to hand over large sums of cash to a courier or for you to disguise the money and put it in the mail, FedEx or UPS.

If you receive such a call, hang up. You can check with your provider by calling them directly:

NYSEG - (800) 572-1111

Central Hudson - (845) 452-2700 or (800) 527-2714

To report phone scam calls, call the Sheriff's Office at (845) 225-4300

Remember. If someone shows up at your house and claims to be an NYSEG or Central Hudson employee, they should have their credentials displayed. If you don't see the credentials, you should ask to see them and should not speak with the unknown person until their identity is verified.