Putnam County Sheriff's Department

Sheriff Reports Phone Scam

Sheriff Kevin J. McConville reports a Financial Scam occurring within Putnam County. In the last couple of days, several county residents have reported receiving phone calls from a male subject impersonating a member of the Sheriff’s Office. The male subject has been calling residents, stating he is “Sergeant Jason Cooke” from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office at 3 County Center in Carmel. The caller states they are facing legal consequences for failing to comply with a prior or current criminal matter and that they are required to post monetary bail in lieu of being arrested. The caller also states that to avoid being arrested, they must pay their bail by purchasing a predetermined amount of money in gift cards and providing the code numbers to the cards.

This is to inform the public, specifically the residents of Putnam County, that the Sheriff’s Office will never call and ask residents for money or to purchase gift cards to satisfy a legal matter. “Sergeant Jason Cooke” is a fictitious name used by the caller, and there is no one employed at the Sheriff’s Office with that name. Residents are warned to be cautious when getting these calls and to notify the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Bureau of Criminal Investigation at 845-225-4300 if they are contacted.