Sheriff Comments On Conviction Of Anthony Dipippo

Putnam County Sheriff Donald B. Smith offered the following comments following the announcement of a guilty verdict in the murder trial of Anthony DiPippo in Putnam County Court this afternoon:

“Justice has been done in this case, as a jury of his peers has–for a second time–convicted Anthony DiPippo for the heinous murder of young Josette Wright.”

“I join in thanking the conscientious members of the jury who did their civic duty in this case. They obviously studied the evidence intelligently and deliberated carefully in arriving at the appropriate verdict. It was a long trial and the evidence presented about the horrific murder of a young girl was not easy to have to see and hear. The community is indebted to the jurors for performing their duty in this case.”

“I thank and congratulate Chief Assistant District Attorney Christopher York for the outstanding job he did in preparing for and prosecuting this case. I know that he devoted many, many hours and days to preparation in advance of the trial and he presented a powerful and compelling case in the courtroom. The citizens of Putnam County are indeed fortunate to have such a capable and talented prosecutor working to ensure that justice is fairly and properly meted out.”

“I thank, too, the outstanding members of the Sheriff’s Office for their professional work in investigating and solving the murder. It was the diligence and dedication of the deputies and investigators who searched for clues, interviewed witnesses and collected evidence that solved the case and caused the defendant to be brought before the bar of justice. Their effective testimony at trial helped prove the defendant’s guilt.”

“I commend and thank also the citizens who had the courage and resolve to come forward as witnesses to help in the solution of the investigation and in the presentation of evidence at the trial. Thanks to them, the truth was revealed and a just outcome was achieved.”

“Finally, I offer my condolences to the family and friends of Josette. It is regrettable that they had to endure again a trial of one of her killers, which tore at a deep and painful wound in their memories. This verdict cannot bring Josette back, but I hope that it at least offers some degree of consolation to her family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with them now.”