School Threat Update

At approximately midnight on March 23, 2023, The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a threat of violence at a local middle school; the matter has been investigated and an arrest of a juvenile student of the school was affected at approximately 3 am.  Based on the age of the defendant, they were referred to Family Court.  The PCSO Bureau of Criminal Investigation continues to investigate this matter, and we have deployed additional personnel to the school for the day and reached out to a number of law enforcement agencies providing information, as well as the Department of Social Services. 

There is no danger or remaining threat to the safety of students and faculty at the school. In addition, patrol deputies will be present at schools throughout Putnam County during the day.

In this case we are providing the identity of the school due to the recent reports that have circulated in the communities, as the George Fischer Middle School (GFMS).

GFMS is on a two (2) hour delay. Putnam County Sheriff’s Deputies will be deployed to the school in addition to the normal complement of School Resource Officers assigned.

We remind the community that we investigate all threats and determine whether an arrest can be made based on the facts.  In this matter, it was determined that a crime was committed and therefore an arrest was made swiftly.

There are restrictions on what information we can provide, but we take this opportunity to assure parents, students, and faculty that they are safe.