School Social Media Threat Investigated

Putnam County Sheriff Kevin J. McConville reports the investigation into a social media threat at a local school district.

On March 14, 2024, at approximately 7:45 am, the School Resource Deputy assigned to Brewster High School was alerted to a threat message posted to social media advising of a possible school shooting.

Upon receiving the report, Deputies and Investigators swiftly responded to the campus, implementing a lockout across all Brewster schools. Interviews were conducted with numerous students to trace the alleged threat back to its source. Investigators collaborated with Brewster School District IT personnel to determine the origin of the threat, which was eventually traced to a school district in the state of Washington. This district, with a similar name to Brewster, had experienced a school shooting threat the day prior, leading to an arrest.

We urge parents to discuss with their children the potential panic that can arise from sharing messages from unknown sources.