A Press Release from Sheriff Robert L. Langley, Jr. - Online Training


As part of the 2021 Budget I, Sheriff Robert L. Langley, Jr., will be requesting additional training for Putnam County Sheriff’s Department members. This training is given by Target Solutions through their accredited online platform. Target Solutions provides services nationally to Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Emergency Medical Services and Local Governments. Part of good policing is continued education in multiple areas. To keep our Deputies techniques sharp we must provide continued education for the women and men who serve our community. Target Solutions offers:

  • More than 240 law enforcement courses covering today’s most relevant and important topics.
  • Training series created by their partner Calibre Press. Calibre Press is best known for their “Street Survival” seminar series.
  • New Calibre Press courses covering Communication Skills, Patrol Tactics, Use of Force, Ethics, Leadership and other mission-critical topics.
  • Courses built to improve effectiveness in high-risk, low-frequency situations.
  • Features including OSHA, Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, Driver Safety, Diversity in the Workplace, Violence in the Workplace and much more.

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Department takes its training very seriously and knows that good training is the key to good policing. Training will make our strong community relationships even stronger and give our Deputies the tools to keep our residents even safer.

Sheriff Langley concluded, “I firmly believe this is a much needed component of good policing so that we may serve you better. I kindly ask the residents of Putnam County to contact their legislators and urge them to support this budget request for 2021.”

To see a list of the offered training, please visit - https://www.targetsolutions.com/

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Article | by Dr. Radut