A News Release from Sheriff Robert L. Langley, Jr. : Body Cameras

–A News Release from Sheriff Robert L. Langley, Jr.–
–Body Cameras–

I, Sheriff Robert L. Langley, Jr., will be presenting a request for Body Cameras as part of the 2021 budget request to the County. The Putnam County Sheriff’s Department is seeking to implement Axon Body Cameras in 2021. Axon is recognized by law enforcement agencies as the leader in the industry providing the best equipment to capture every detail frame by frame. Implementation of Axon body cameras will result in:

  • Enhanced public trust.
  • Improved quality of evidence
  • Reduction in the number of false complaints.
  • Decreased use of force. * Less litigation resulting in savings for county taxpayers.
  • Keeping our communities and Deputies safer.

The Sheriff’s Department has been using cameras in all the patrol cars for more than 20 years. This has increased documented evidence to aid in prosecution as well as decrease frivolous complaints. The addition of body cameras will only enhance our Department and aid in documenting more evidence. I ask the residents of Putnam County to contact their legislators and urge their support of this budget request which is a great addition to policing and safety in our community.

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Article | by Dr. Radut