May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Sheriff Kevin McConville reminds motorists to share the road with motorcycles as we recognize Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

This May, Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month comes at a particularly crucial time. Traffic is returning to pre-pandemic levels, families are planning summer road trips, and interest in motorcycling — for commuting and recreation — is seeing strong growth. This means more drivers and riders will be out on the roads this summer.

Here are some tips:

  • Passenger car drivers must allow greater following distance behind a motorcycle.
  • Drivers also must show extra caution in intersections. Most crashes occur when a driver fails to see a motorcyclist and turns left in front of a motorcycle.
  • Drivers should never try to share a lane with a motorcycle. Always give a motorcycle the full lane width.
  • Motorcyclists should avoid riding in poor weather conditions.
  • Motorcyclists should position their motorcycles to avoid a driver's blind spot.
  • Motorcyclists must use turn signals for every turn or lane change.

Please remember to look out for each other.

Deputy Verrastro would like to remind everyone that motorcycles will be taking to the roads of Putnam County. Please be mindful, we have any one to spare!