Lori Campbell Case Update

Regarding the 4/22/22 press release from the Southern District of New York U.S. Attorney's Arrest of a Putnam County Narcotics Dealer being arrested with the murder of one of his customers, Putnam County Sheriff Kevin McConville would like to provide some context given the grounds for the arrest charges and prosecution were produced by the Sheriff Department's Missing Person Investigation into Lori Campbell.

While no specific information can or will be provided. I would like Putnam County residents to know that, as a direct result of almost three weeks of sustained investigative diligence, supported and directly assisted by the Putnam County District Attorney's office, our investigation developed facts, information, and evidence that resulted in: a) locating and recovering Lori's body in North Carolina, providing the basis for charging Dwayne Pulliam, a New York State parolee for a previous murder of a female, with the murder of Lori in Putnam County, and for the charges stemming from his illegal narcotic's distribution business.

Significant aspects of our investigation involved locations in Connecticut and North Carolina, which necessitated seeking support from the Alamance Sheriff's Office in North Carolina, the FBI Safe Streets Task Force, NY DEA Office, and the Connecticut State Police.

Case consultation between the Putnam County Sheriff's Office and the Putnam District Attorney's Office resulted in a joint decision to ask the U.S. Attorney's Officer in the Southern District of New York to assume responsibility for the prosecution, recognizing that the criminal conduct occurring in three states, and even multiple county's, meant that only a federal prosecution would be able to merge all of the offenses into one combined and comprehensive prosecution.

Thus we requested they assume control of the case and handle all aspects of prosecution, and we are grateful to U.S Attorney Damian Williams and his Staff for accepting our request and believe that the best interests of each involved jurisdiction will be best served proceeding forward.