A Letter From Sheriff Smith

In March 2013, I issued two press releases which stated that Alexandru Hossu resided at your home, that you had interfered with the investigation into the claim that Hossu raped a young woman and that further suggested that you valued loyalty to Mr. Hossu over law enforcement objectives and should be investigated for knowingly harboring an illegal alien. These press releases, which I approved, received considerable attention and caused you embarrassment.

Today, I retract these releases unequivocally and apologize for the statements contained therein. These statements were untrue and I should not have made them. Mr. Hossu did not then reside at your home. He was arrested at another location where he then lived. I know that you did not interfere with the investigation of Mr. Hossu. Nor is there any evidence that you had any knowledge of Mr. Hossu’s immigration status or were intentionally harboring an illegal alien. And, finally, throughout your career, you prosecuted all manner of cases and I apologize for conveying anything, to the contrary.

I recognize that my statements spawned substantial litigation. As you know, before making this apology and retraction, I dismissed with prejudice the case I initiated against you and trust we can put this chapter behind us.

Article | by Dr. Radut