Law Enforcement Cadets Graduate From Training

Town of Kent Police Chief Alex DiVernieri and Putnam County Sheriff Donald B. Smith report that forty-four members of the Kent Police Department’s and Sheriff’s Office Cadet programs have graduated from their training program at ceremonies held at the George Fisher Middle School in Patterson.

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Cadet program was formed as a chartered law enforcement explorer unit in 1967 by the late Sheriff Raynor Weizenecker.

In 2002, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and Kent Police Department merged their cadet training and have shared the curriculum since. Cadet training includes segments on such topics as the Penal and Vehicle and Traffic laws, personal fitness and best police practices. Additionally, each cadet must be of good moral character; maintain good academic grades in school, and cannot be the subject of disciplinary issues either in school or in their communities.

Last night’s graduation exercises were dedicated to Deputy Sheriff Steven D. Kanuk, a 26 year member of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office who is retiring from the force at the end of this month. Deputy Kanuk, the Sheriff’s Office’s first School Resource Office, also served as the cadet post advisor for more than fifteen years. During his stellar career, he had received forty-four letters of appreciation from Putnam County school districts and various other clubs and organizations.

“Deputy Kanuk is an outstanding example of one who possesses the traits and values of a model law enforcement officer,” said Sheriff Donald B. Smith. “If these graduating cadets use Deputy Kanuk as a mentor, Putnam County’s youth will continue to be the shining beacon of hope for our future,” concluded the Sheriff.

The graduates of the “Deputy Steven D. Kanuk Class of 2014” are:

From the Kent Police Cadets: Anthony Gabrielle; Giovanni Gabrielli; Gerald Hamilton; Olivia Hamilton; Ryan Hoo; Anthony Schneider; Joseph Trotti and Eric Waclawski.

From the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Cadets: Brandon Alvarado; Raymond Barksdale; Antonio Barone; Tara Buttinelli; Ryan Calore; Teddy Collins; Sean Connolly; Justin Ferrara; Gianluca Fulmara; Matthew Ganis; Josh Herde; Ryan Herde: Maria Hitchcock; Jesse Hull; Christina Huynh; Ryan Isherwood; Eric Keogh; Michael Link; Julian Miranda; Taylor Mueller; Edward Noroian; Joseph Palmiotto; Ralph Puentes; Shane Ryan; Noah Ullman; Adam Vasi; Alec Vasi; Jamonica Warren; and Michael York.

–This is a joint news release by Kent Police Chief Alex DiVernieri and Putnam County Sheriff Donald B. Smith –
Article | by Dr. Radut