Langley Calls Putnam 'One of the Safest Counties in the U.S.


From today’s PCNR. Thank you to the US News & World Report for recognizing Sheriff Langley’s leadership and team have made Putnam County one of the safest counties in the United States!

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Langley Calls Putnam ‘One of the Safest Counties in the U.S.’

By PCNR Staff on February 10, 2021

By Eric Gross Shortly after Kevin Mc- Conville announced his candidacy for Sheriff of Putnam County last Thursday afternoon, incumbent Sheriff Robert Langley reported that since taking office on January 1, 2018, “crime in our county has decreased by more than 56 percent. In fact, according to ‘U.S. News and World Report,’ Putnam was recently ranked as one of the 20 safest counties in the United States.”

Langley attributed the decline in crime to community policing and programs his department has either strengthened or established: “My department has instituted important programs to engage the public because safety is and will always be my first priority. Community policing works and the statistics prove it. According to the New York State Criminal Justice Services data burglary, larceny, robbery and assaults have all declined over the past three and one-half years.”

Langley also pointed out that his department’s collaboration with multiple organizations and agencies on the opioid epidemic has resulted in almost 50 percent fewer overdose deaths: “Other programs work with incarcerated addicts to get them needed treatment and help with a clean start after their release from the county jail. Less recidivism means a safer county and results in less expense for Putnam taxpayers.”

Langley said his goal for 2021 and beyond is to “follow best practices in law enforcement and continue to reduce crime at all levels in Putnam County. Safety for every single Putnam resident is paramount.”

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