If You See Something, Say Something

say something

Often it takes a tragedy to remind us just how important it is to be alert. During the early morning hours of December 25, 2020 in Nashville, TN, we were all reminded to be alert and respond accordingly.

Did anyone see suspicious activity involving the Christmas Day Bomber? If they did, why didn’t they report it? Why after this horrific event are the FBI receiving over 500 tips relating to the case?

We cannot emphasize enough to everyone, See Something Say Something or Hear Something Say Something. It is so important and it could save countless lives by making one simple phone call which can even be done anonymously.

Call 911 in an Emergency or contact the

Putnam County Sheriff’s Department at 845-225-4300. #putnamsheriffNY #putnamcountyNY #seesomethingsaysomething #hearsomethingsaysomething #bealert

Article | by Dr. Radut