Gun Recovered From Hudson River Believed One Used in Long Island Shooting

Putnam County Sheriff Donald B. Smith reports that police divers recovered a gun from the Hudson River today that is believed to be the weapon used in a fatal shooting on Long Island two weeks ago.

Earlier today, New York State Police divers, working with Nassau County Police homicide detectives, recovered a handgun from the river near the bank of Sandy Beach State Park in Cold Spring. The weapon was recovered near where authorities had found the parked car belonging to Mr. Sang Ho Kim on September 25th, just hours after he allegedly shot two men–one of them fatally–in East Garden City. An ensuing manhunt for Mr. Kim in the Putnam County area ended on September 30th, when Mr. Kim’s body was found floating in the river near the Bear Mountain Bridge.

Authorities believe that the handgun recovered today is the same one allegedly used by Mr. Kim in the East Garden City shootings. That cannot be confirmed until the weapon undergoes ballistic testing.

Sheriff Smith said that the divers’ recovery of the gun today puts to rest a concern on the minds of some area residents. “Families who visit the park need no longer worry that this gun might be lying somewhere along the shore or just off a trail where a child might find it and pick it up,” he said.

All further media inquiries concerning the gun recovery are being referred to the Nassau County Police Department at telephone number (516) 573-7135.

Article | by Dr. Radut