Fourteen Arrested for Illegal Alcohol Sales

Putnam County Sheriff Robert L. Langley Jr. reports the arrests of fourteen individuals, following the completion of a series of alcoholic beverage sales compliance checks, which were recently conducted throughout Putnam County.

Undercover members of the Sheriff’s Department’s Narcotics Enforcement Unit, in conjunction with the Putnam County Communities That Care Coalition, who funded the operation, conducted 89 spot checks on establishments that offer alcoholic beverages for sale for off-premise consumption. During the checks, an underage individual, under the direct supervision of a law enforcement officer, attempts to purchase alcohol from the establishment without showing proof of age, which is required by law. If a sale is completed, then an arrest summons is issued to the party who sold the alcohol. During the course of the initiative, compliance checks were conducted in each town and village located in Putnam County. The spot checks were conducted at various times throughout the day. The establishments were identified through a list of licensed establishments, which were provided by the New York State Division of Alcohol Beverage Control. Of the establishments checked, fourteen were found to be in violation of the Alcohol and Beverage Control Act. At each establishment, the clerk who completed the sale without requiring proper identification was arrested and charged with Unlawfully Dealing with a Child in the First Degree. Those arrested were issued appearance tickets returnable to the appropriate local justice court.

A conviction for the offense carries a maximum penalty for up to one year imprisonment and or a fine not to exceed $1,000.00. In addition, the New York State Division of Alcohol Beverage Control will be notified for a determination if the administration action should be undertaken against the establishment for the violation.

The individuals charged and the establishments which failed compliance checks are as follows:

  • Chetranie Indarpersaud, age 42, of Newtown, CT, employed at at the Border Beer and Soda, 3867 Danbury Rd, Brewster.
  • Shannon Tompkins, age 23, of Carmel, NY, employed at House of Wine and Liquors/ Kent Liquors, 1100 Route 52, Carmel.
  • Timothy Pachonka, age 52, of Patterson, NY, employed at Route 311 Liquors/ Patterson Wine and Liquors, 1270, Route 311, Patterson.
  • George Varghese, age 48, of Milford CT, employed at Border Wines and Liquors, 3687 Danbury Road, Brewster.
  • Dennis Lebron, age 52, of New Windsor, NY, employed at Box Bev Inc./ Carmel Beverage Center, 323 Route 52,Carmel.
  • Mike Boakye, age 38, of Bronx, NY, employed at Brewster Gas and Mart 76, 494 North Main Street, Brewster.
  • Tatyana Johnson, age 20, of Peekskill, NY, employed at Gulf, 1122 Route 9D, Garrison.
  • Mujde Francis, age 57, of Danbury, CT, employed at Citgo Borderline Food and Beverage, 182 Fairfield Drive, Brewster.
  • Harry Cua, age 18, of North Salem, NY, employed at Putnam Wine and Spirits, 1926 Route 6, Carmel.
  • Mitchem Williams, age 35, of Carmel, NY, employed at Brewster Gas and Mart 76, 494 North Main Street, Brewster.
  • Karin Ramos-Perez, age 23, of Danbury, CT, employed at El Universal, 26 Main Street, Brewster .
  • Sujan Chhetri, age 24, of Carmel, NY, employed at BP Route 22 Convenience Store, 876 Route 22, Brewster.
  • Heidy Sarceno, age 34, of Brewster, NY, employed at Saj & V Grocery, 145 Main Street, Brewster.
  • Gregorio Baizan, age 42, of Brewster, NY, employed at La Guadalupana Mini-Mart, 70 Main Street, Brewster.
Article | by Dr. Radut