Deputies' Heroic Actions in Kidnap-Stabbing Incident Praised by Sheriff After Attorney General's Report

Sheriff Kevin J. McConville stated that about the New York State Attorney General's report issued on September 15, 2023, about the shooting incident in the Town of Southeast that involved two Deputy Sheriffs, "It is abundantly clear that the actions of the deceased brought about his death. Had the two Deputies not acted quickly to end this threat, there is every reason to believe that the victim would have died from her wounds and the continued stabbing."

On January 10, 2023, an alert Deputy Sheriff Senior Investigator observed a vehicle matching the description wanted in connection with a possible kidnapping located on a deserted road in the Town of Southeast. The Senior Investigator exited his vehicle and observed the victim, a female, being held on the ground by a male assailant. As a second Deputy arrived on the scene, the assailant refused all commands to drop the knife he was holding and raised his arm in preparation to stab the victim once again. At this time, the Deputies were forced to use deadly physical force against the assailant. The female victim was removed from the ground, and first aid was administered to her before being transported by ambulance to the hospital. The assailant also received first aid and life-saving measures but succumbed to his injuries.

Sheriff McConville called the Deputies involved heroes who made a split-second decision that saved someone's life. The Deputies' training, knowledge, and ability all came into play. The Sheriff said, "I have total confidence in the ability of the men and women of the Putnam County Sheriff's Office."

Link to Attorney General's report