Captain Michael Grossi

Michael Grossi

Captain Michael Grossi began his 29-year law enforcement career in 1993 with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office as a road patrol deputy. In 1997 Grossi began working for the Westchester County Police Department where his duties included Patrol law enforcement including highway road patrol and accident investigations.  Assignments also included communications/dispatcher duties and as a field training officer in the Communications Unit. Grossi then began work in the Civil Bureau and was promoted to Sergeant in 2002 where he supervised 16 subordinates, both sworn and civilian, in the daily civil enforcement operations.  Grossi’s responsibilities included the fiduciary management of 12-14 million dollars annually as well as the oversight of over 6,000 open case files.  He was also responsible for maintaining the NYS Sheriffs' Association Civil Unit Accreditation Program.  Captain Grossi is considered a subject matter expert in New York State Civil Laws, is an Accreditation Assessor, and serves as an Instructor to the New York State Sheriff’s Association Civil Schools.