Marine Unit

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office’s Marine Unit patrols bodies of water during the boating season.

Currently, fully-equipped vessels routinely patrol the county’s portion of the Hudson River and Lake Oscawana, a fresh water lake in Putnam Valley.

Each year highly trained uniformed deputy sheriffs board these vessels in an effort to assist with search and rescue operations, assist boaters, conduct boat safety inspections and enforce the New York State Navigational Law. The Sheriff’s Marine Unit, working in conjunction with other area law enforcement agencies, provides Homeland Security surveillance of the Bear Mountain and Beacon-Newburgh bridges, as well as the Metropolitan North and ConRail railway systems which operate on both shores of the Hudson River.

Realizing that an “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” deputies offer the New York State Boater’s Safety Course to community residents. Each year, boaters of all ages attend this training, which is aimed at teaching the safe operation of vessels. The department’s goal is to reduce accidents and injuries through education and voluntary compliance. We believe that the combination of education and law enforcement will enable Putnam boaters to enjoy a safe recreational season.

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