Inmate Education Program

In compliance with New York State Law, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Correctional Facility provides grade school and high school instruction to those inmates who are not yet twenty-one years of age and have not received a high school diploma. The instruction offered is geared so that the inmate “student” can successfully complete a GED examination.

Funding for a teacher is provided by the New York State Education Department and instruction is given with the assistance of the Carmel Central School District.

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Correctional Facility has an outstanding partnership with a comprehensive library. The Mid-Hudson Library System, located at Poughkeepsie, New York, supplies books to the correctional facility on a bi-monthly basis. These books consist of leisure, mystery, reference, language, self help, fiction and non-fiction volumes. Whenever an inmate needs a book on a particular subject, the Mid-Hudson Library has always been gracious to facilitate the request.

Recently the Sheriff secured a $50,000 grant for instructional supplies under a Title 1 federal funding program. As a result of this grant, supplies, educational books and software, transitional services and community outreach initiatives have been financed. This has greatly improved the educational services afforded to the inmates of the facility.

As a result of the educational opportunities offered in the correctional facility, 100% of the inmates attending GED classes passed the GED exam and received their diplomas.

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