Dark House Check

A Dark House Check is a service provided by the Sheriff's Office whereby a deputy sheriff will routinely check on your home while you are out of town or away for an extended period. The purpose of a Dark House Check is to maintain the security of your property during your absence and act as a deterrent for any potential criminal activity.

When you request a Dark House Check, patrols may be increased around your property. We walk around the premises or inspect the building to ensure no signs of break-in or suspicious activity. The police can check windows and doors for signs of forced entry and take appropriate action if they discover anything amiss.

Please fill in the form below to arrange for a Dark House Check. You may be contacted by a deputy sheriff for additional information.

Please note that this service is not a guaranteed protection against burglary or other crimes, and usual security measures like locking all doors and windows, setting up timed lights, and informing trustworthy neighbors about your absence should still be implemented.

Dark House